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IMG_0745 Wits Junction workers at a  meeting about their work conditions

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IMG_0773 The biggest block at Junction cleaned by 3 workers 370+ rooms

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All residence council leader : Addresses workers affirms students support #Asijiki

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PETITION : Park town residence Cluster Manager , signs Wits Junction workers demands

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IMG_0848 MAY DAY : Wits SRC President talking to the workers representative at the Wits Junction.

6 of 10 IMG_0997 Junction Laundry : ‘Clothes always get stolen here’ , ‘Cameras aren’t working’ , allege students who stay at the residence.

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Wits Junction workers : Over worked and short staffed ‘ We don’t want a raise more HELP ,say the cleaners’.

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IMG_4402 #SAVEADegree:Sasco Education campus starts initiative to SAVEDegrees 1 coin at a time!


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IMG_7165 Black Health Practioners Association ( BHPA) : Black Love Caucus , first event of the year where Black studnets , assembled to discuss a Taboo subject in the African culture ‘SEX’.


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IMG_7175 Musoc : Love Sex & Magic , show. A use of Art to tell the story of transformation.

Nadine Gordimer Lecture

Thusanani Foundation Celebrates its fellows.