Absence of truth

When there’s an absence of truth in your life it becomes SO easy to conform/agree to whatever is put before you.

John 1 : In the begging was the word…

John 1 : 17 –  “For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through”

Absence of truth in our lives , validates lies. A lie is a lie no matter how it is dressed up. No matter how many people stand behind it,rallying through slogans,movements,parades,etc. It does not change the fact that , a lie is a lie.

However what is more important becomes our focus. To fight NOT the person* who is subjected to the lie but the lie itself.

That says ‘life happens’ , ‘I was born this way’,it’s ok’ , because if there’s any truth to these statements , Christs’ death was in vain.

Part of gods character was an intolerance to sin.

The devils plan/design has always been to secure lordship & the quickest way he can do that over us is to use Gods truth to question God.


He did it with Eve , in the garden of Eden.

He did it with Jesus over his 40 day fast.

He continues to do it with us , using very popular , embraced words and ideas.

Such as ‘Culture’.


Anything that doesn’t agree with the word of God concerning our lives , questions/denies the death of Jesus Christ & the power/after math of his resurrection.

And to anybody who identifies as Christian , to be OK with this , is to disregard the truth of your existence.

Gods truth liberates and connects us with out intended reality , When God created you in the likeness of his image to be like him , act,excercise,think , do & speak into like him , it only makes sense that if we really are created in his image anything that he doesn’t like we shouldn’t like . Anything he likes we should like.


The character of Christ on earth among many purposes was important to serve as a reminder,encouragement of what we could be and how we could be because God himself was. Through the life of Jesus Christ.


  • My prayer is for Gods truth to find full experience and space in our lives
  • My prayer is for Gods truth to be come fully exposed and made example in and through us ‘Christians’.
  • My prayer is for us In love . In Christ , to fully live out his truth.

If we a serious and true to what we identify or call ourselves to being. We need to be adamant about our pursuit of the character & nature of God.

– zamayirha peter


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