‘The reason women aren’t prominent ft, in the bible is because we men have read them out’ – Mahlatse Winston Mashua

A renewing of the journey & relationship I have with the best ‘book’ I could ever have. Here’s to reading the bible in context as a young person , as a female , as black woman, as a woman,  as a heterosexual , as an activist , as a student , as a lover of life, as a human be-ing.

I finally bought myself a bible , my first buy, after my mom bought me a CEV bible for my 13th birthday.

Along with it I bought An Spangler & Jean E Syswerda’s ‘Women of the Bible’ book. That goes through the lives characters and lessons , the bible has given us about women. It was such an important buy for me after hearing the remarks of the man quoted in my tilte.

Reading the bible for me has also come to serve as for me to interrogate what the word means for me in 2017. Secondly to enquire , converse and understand myself and understand Gods word voice and response to today.  The lovely thing about the bible is how well it embodies the nature ‘mind’ and character of God. As a consitsent book written years ago , but still is relevant to me and this world years later. With different meaning to every question query and concern.

To say I am excited hopeful and grateful for my buy is to be closely accurate.

I will be going through various chapters and scriptures from Genesis to Revelations and making notes back to this blog about it.

In the end I hope to come back with a conviction and clear view of what God says and thinks of me through the many layers titles and Identities society has given us , which I believe God somehow works through

Be it my race , my age , my activism , my sexuality , my health , my wealth , my relationships. I’m more than certain that there is a God plan for it all.

And reading his word is a very good place to start and move from

Genesis 1 vs 1 ” In the begining God created the heavens and the earth”

– In the beginning God created…


– Zamayirha Peter


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