Thusanani Foundation Celebrates its fellows.


My name is Zamayirha Peter . I’m finally 22 years old . A young girl , woman , black & an Activist , writer , traveler , living a complicated life I convince my head as being NORMAL , journalism , politics , activism ,¬†and a liberal fever I catch every know and then , ABOVE this I love God & human beings.

I don’t smile a lot but I laugh & cheer for brave authentic individuals any day!

Hello world!

I am. Everything I can dream of. And I aim to BE . and through becoming i intend to inspire and touch the lives of many. My biggest set back is myself.

I love to write document interact and engage with people. Human contact and interaction is why we are alive. In an exchange for fulfillment through each other and the acts of love and service we are able to give each other.

Our dreams are valid and we are all becoming , daily.

I intend to use this blog to document the journey through university. into the work space. through continued social support and activist and into my journey as an Entrepreneur creator and VISIONARY.

– Journey with me!